Look below at these three images, and what do you see? Hover over each image to see what the “hidden” image is. 

The hardest one for me to see was the middle image, but after I saw it once, I couldn’t “unsee” it. 

The Science Behind It

According to research that has been published in Psychological Science, your brain picks up on the images even before you consciously perceive them.

 Our right side of the brain focuses on big-pictures, random processing, concrete processing, intuitive decision making, non-verbal processing, and fantasy-0riented. Our left brain focuses on details, sequential or lists, symobilic processing, logical decision making verbal processing, and reality-oriented.

Since your left brain focuses on details and logical decision making, it focuses on the white part (or more obvious) parts of the image. In this case, not the hidden images like the right brain picks up.